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How to plan Surprise Birthday Parties for Adults?

Its very easy nowadays to choose among wide range of themes available if you are planning the Birthday Parties for your kids. The toughest part is to think of ideas when you are planning a surprise Birthday Party to celebrate the birthday of someone you love who come in the category of adults, the age may vary from 20 to 50 or so on. Whether you are going to celebrate with a quiet Intimate Dinner or host a big birthday bash with friends and relatives, here are few ideas about how to plan a birthday party worthy enough.

  1. Choosing the Venue– You should always consider the kind of vibes you want the party to have before deciding the place where you are going to celebrate the birthday party. Whether you want to keep it casual with a Backyard cookout or go glam by organising in a Hotel or Restaurant space?
  2. Pick a Theme– Make it a little special by choosing a theme which does not only includes Decoration but also makes the guests follow a dress code which should be very easy by just choosing colours and style. But do not make it complex. There are few themes to choose from the list of Themes given below.

Bollywood Night– You can choose the 90’s theme to take people a little back in time and reminisce their teenage or younger days if it is for someone in their thirties or forties.

Romantic Date Night– You can choose a romantic Date Night theme by the Poolside or at the comfort of your own home if you are just planning to celebrate an Intimate Dinner with your spouse with a romantic décor and Wine and Candlelight Dinner.

Victorian Goth– The gothic theme is the best if you are throwing the party for a person who likes to party with class.  Naturally, the colour palette will be black—to match your 30-year-old soul and that vampy lip you’re sure to be rocking.

Casino night– If you are planning it for your Husband or Friends, odds are good that he’ll enjoy a Vegas-inspired night of playing cards with your crew. We’re talking games, prizes, and cheesy decor.

Pajama party– Throw it back to childhood with a grown-up slumber party if you are planning a girls nigh out party for a crowd. Keep the dress code comfy but playful. Popcorn is a must, no matter what’s on the agenda.

Karaoke Night– If the person you are planning the party for is the type to perform in front of a crowd (or laugh and sing along with those who do), find a dive karaoke spot where they can belt their heart out. Fuel friends with liquid courage so they’ll accompany on stage, but remember to supply some sustenance as well.

Other Themes– There are many other Options for the Themes like Masquerade, Avengers, Games of Thrones etc. and you can always contact the Event Organizers if you want the party to be more organized, planned and creative. They can always give you many options which suits your budget as well. 

  • Party Invitations– Consider sending a save the date early while you work out the details especially when you are planning to call your very close friends or loved ones who stay a little far. Plan your guest list well in advance. Start by getting your invites out.  Make sure the invitation is clearly labelled SURPRISE, and include the time everyone (except the birthday boy or girl!) should arrive.
  • Pick a Partner in Crime– You will definitely need some help apart from the Event Planner as well to plan and execute the surprise Birthday Party. Choose a partner in crime who helps you in bringing the Birthday Boy/ Girl to the Venue as well as executing the whole plan.

These were just a few ideas to help you plan a surprise Birthday Party if you were planning to celebrate the birthday of a friend or a loved one. You can get more creative and add anything to these ideas. Hope it helps

Anurag Kashyap



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