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How to plan your wedding? Tips and suggestions

Your wedding is definitely the event of your lifetime which will have memories to be cherished forever and figuring out how to plan your wedding is a task in itself. So keeping some basic steps in your mind and making a quick check- list would to make sure you don’t miss out on the essential things and ensure that your special day is a success. Here are few basic and important tasks suggested below which you can’t miss out if you are looking to plan it properly in how much ever time you have in your hand to start planning for your special day.

  1. Set your budget– Any Indian wedding whether an Intimate Wedding or the Lavish Wedding,  needs the right amount of planning, budgeting and execution to make it perfect. How much can you spend on your wedding is the most critical and important to start with so that you take the right decisions throughout while finalizing anything that is the part of the process like selecting Venue, Food, Dress, Decorations etc. So sit with your parents if you need a little guidance and set you budget first since experience matters as they say.
  2. Guest List– So try to get an idea on the approximate number of guests which you are planning to invite. This will also help you decide on the Venue and how big a space do you require for the function.
  3. Wedding Venue– The Venue is the most important part which needs to be decided before planning anything else. Huge ballrooms for reception dinner, ethnic space for a courtyard wedding, or a hotel/ resort for a wedding and other functions…the Wedding Planners or Event Managers if you are looking forward to could help you get the best deals. But you definitely need to book the Venue well in advance.
  4. Getting the Vibes– You also need to think on how you want your Wedding to look and feel.  You can also discuss with your parents and loved ones if they have any ideas or gather inspiration whether you want it Super- traditional and Formal or a Relaxed and Peppy. This also includes thinking about the Colour schemes for the decoration, Decoration ideas and more.
  5. Vendors– The Wedding Vendors are the most important when it comes to turning your dream Wedding into reality. We needed a lot of help from people to decide on the various Vendors involved in an Indian Wedding due to the wide variety of functions but gone are the day when people had so much time to get into every small thing and handling things personally. Due to the busy lifestyle and shortage of time, there is a change in the trend nowadays when it comes to planning your Wedding and that is where the Wedding Planners/ Event Management comes to the rescue. From deciding Venues, Wedding Invitations, Catering, Decoration, Lights, Photography to arranging transportation etc., the Wedding Planners can help you with everything and well within you budget and make the process hassle- free for you so that you could focus on other personal things which require your attention. You just need to discuss your ideas and budget with them and enjoy the benefit of this trend which is a part of most of the Weddings these days and the best thing is they are flexible to work in wide range of Budget these days whether a medium budget or a lavish one.
  6. Wedding Photographer– You need to select your Wedding Photographer carefully as they are the people who are going to capture the memories of the lifetime. Do a proper research and see their work before closing the deal. They are going to capture the moments of the small ceremonies, wedding and Pre- wedding and make it into the most beautiful movie so choose wisely and try to interact with them about your expectations if you have anything in your mind.
  7. Outfit, Hair and Makeup– These are the things you need to personally focus on and cannot just leave on your Event Planner since this is about your special day and there is a certain way you want to look on your special day and other important functions. An ideal Indian Wedding has many small functions before the Wedding like Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet etc. which means many more dresses to dress up according to the colours which should also suit your personality the best. You can definitely ask for suggestions for the Make- up Artist from your Wedding Planner but do see their work and ask for a Trial if possible.
  8. Wedding Music– This is the last but not the least part which you should discuss with your Event Planner about what kind of music do you want for the different functions and share your track with them specifically if you have something in mind for some special moments during some functions.

These were some basic things to help you if you are thinking to start planning your Wedding and how to move forward. Hope it helps!

Anurag Kashyap
Business Head/Founder
Spring Krafts Events

Published by Spring Krafts

SPRINGKRAFTS EVENT is a professional creative team of event management specialists. We have a combined experience of producing high-quality events of every type and scale. Our passion is managing behind-the-scenes details to deliver a superior event experience for your audience. We thrive on delighting you - our valued customer - by helping you host events that meet or exceed your goals. We believe in step-by-step planning and execution for instance; Event Plan Management; Event Budget Management; Site Selection; Speaker Management; Vendor Management; Premium Management; Pre-Event Registration; Onsite Event Execution; Attendee Evaluations; Post-Event Analysis etc, You can rely on us to manage end-to-end logistics for your event

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